Or an exact copy made for you !


Whether you want to bring it to the track or to your private collection of outstanding motorcycles, we can build for you the exact same bike that Ivan Silva and Claudio Corti raced in 2012 in the MotoGP World Championship, for the Avintia BQR Team.


  • All parts are genuine, either from stock or re-machined from the original drawings;


  • We can adjust suspensions and brakes to your budget or the parts you may already have;


  • We can fit it with a full power Kawasaki engine, or a standard one, or your own.


  • We provide complete assembly drawings

The real one, that raced in the 2012 MotoGP championship !



In the hands of Ivan Silva (the whole season) and Claudio Corti (wild-card in Valencia), the Inmotec-BQR MotoGP bike powered by a Kawasaki engine, scored points in the MotoGP world championship.


That exact bike (only two exist) could be yours ! The  technical control sticker on the frame is proof of where they raced.




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