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visDAQ is a software allowing users of data acquisistion software on race motorcycles to visualise a model of their bike moving on track as accurately as sensors allow ! 

New video : comparison of 2 riders in Valencia                                    Presentation of visDAQ on the track of  Motorland Aragon

What visDAQ does and how it works :


  • import data from your usual software to associate it with a track, the names of your sensor channels, and optionnally your bike geometry;

  • convert the data on its own, or compare it with another data :

  • open your converted data in our 3D visualisation interface, associated to your bike model and the track rendering (with altitude);

  • look at one, two, three riders at a time, from a helicopter view or an onboard camera or from any angle you wish;  


slow down the movement of the bike or fasten it up. You can also record the lap on video;

  • create your own tracks, with altitude, even if you go testing where nobody does;

  • use a bike model from the following ones, more esthetically close to your race bike, so your rider may identify himself more easily. We can also make one especially for you.

Rendering by vi-grade.


Moto2 "Mistral"
Moto3 "Mistral"
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