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Mechanical Design - industrial or automotive



Whether your idea is already precise or still at a rough state, we can help you making it happen by :


  • clarifying a rough idea into a more precise concept, its functions and requirements


  • establish a preliminary budget


  • modeling parts and assemblies in 3D, providing ample opportunities for your review and feedback


  • choosing with you materials and finish. We are familiar with aluminiums, steels, titaniums, carbon-fibre and glass-fibre composites, rapid-prototype and rapid-fusion technologies


  • use FEA calculations to optimise strength and stiffness to necessary needs


  • drawing the blueprints with appropriate manufacturing tolerances


  • obtaining quotes from various qualified manufacturers. We have a good network of trustworthy manufacturers in France, Spain, the UK and the USA. From those quotes we validate the final budget.


  • monitor the order and the manufacture for you. Parts and tolerances must be checked and we can assist with the assembly if necessary.





Have a look at our past and current projects and see what they said about us !

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